The Must Haves: The Three Dress Shirts That Have to Be In Your Wardrobe

Welcome to “The Must Haves”, our newest blog series that will be talking about the items every man needs to have in his wardrobe. These are the basics — designed to get you looking sharp fast, especially if you’re just starting to class up your wardrobe. For our inaugural post, we’re keeping things simple — here are the three dress shirts that are an absolutely essential part of any man’s wardrobe.

  1. A Solid Blue Dress Shirt

This is the most versatile dress shirt that money can buy. No matter what you’re pairing it with — jeans, khakis, slacks, a full suit — and no matter what the event, a solid blue dress shirt can always be made to fit the situation. It also looks great with a wide variety of ties, making it a classic choice for a job interview or a more conservative occasion.

2. A White Dress Shirt

So you might be asking yourself, why isn’t a white dress shirt ranked higher than a blue dress shirt? The answer is pretty simple — white shirts require a little more from the wearer, either a colorful tie, perfectly cut suit, or something else to keep the shirt from looking too drab. There’s also the problem of it being the easiest shirt for a man to ruin. But despite this, a white shirt is still a classic that can fit the need of any man. Just make sure you wear a white t-shirt under it so that you don’t make the faux-pas of sporting a see-through shirt!

3.A Shirt With Some Pop

This is where you can get creative. Every man has a color they look great in — for some it tends to be purple or red, but others can best pull off green, grey, or black. Find one color that works for you in particular, that stands out and isn’t average, and use it for only the very special occasions. While the first two shirts on this list are absolute necessities, your third shirt should be one that is far more unique to you.

There are others shirts to consider (in particular, checkered and striped) but we’ll talk about those in a different post. For now, just make sure you have these bases covered, and if you don’t, visit Karako suits to find some dress shirts that are right for you.

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Originally published at on July 27, 2016.