#BoozAllenPioneers Podcast

Learning from the past helps us grow — but talking about history can be…tedious.

“We’ve lasted more than 100 years because we’ve stood firm on a foundation of the highest character, an unyielding commitment to the best client service, and genuine care for our employees and communities.”

We get it, you’re old.

Behind these grandiose statements though are people. Leaders who have ventured into the unknown. Experts who applied their knowledge to something different and never seen before. Pioneers.

In a new experiment we’re calling #BoozAllenPioneers we explore the stories behind executive personas. Who are they once you get past the suits and enigmatic expressions? What were they like in their 20s? Where do they find the confidence to tackle high-stakes projects? How do they balance family with such demanding schedules?

Our first batch of episodes include the following topics:

  • Creating the Department of Homeland Security with Jack Mayer
  • Helping Harlem Businesses After 9/11 with Reggie Van Lee
  • When in Meetings, Lead with Content with Robin Portman
  • Advice for Young Female Professionals: Take Risks with Dee Dee Helfenstein

To learn more visit: SoundCloud.com/BoozAllen. And, as always, feedback is welcome.

[Views above are exclusively my own.]