The Four Pillars of Life

Life is crazy isn't it? One minute you’re at a upmost high living life to your full potential, and on other days you’re as mellow as the slow tempo songs in your iPod. As the saying goes;

“When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.”

An optimistic and can-do approach, but is it really as simple as that? through all of the ups and downs we face through to the endless hurdles we encounter, is there really a way in which we can find complete balance in our lives? I believe so, and its fairly easy aslong as you take time to look into the following four points.

  • Health. Your health should be the main priority in your life. I know I’m a bit forward in saying that, and I know most of you may have bigger fish to fry than finding time to get yourself to a yoga class or even the gym. But what could matter more to you than living and leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle? I’m sure we’ve all heard that one friend or relative of ours falsly promise (after a couple glasses of wine) that they’ll embark on a change in lifestyle, healthy eating and more time at a spin class — where they drop the carbs and pick up the salad bowl; the classical “new year, new me” speech. I’m no saint when it comes to this. I’ve been in that scenario and watched myself walk into the gym all high and mighty, then after a couple of weeks, my progress slips from my hands because life takes over; I simply get too busy. It’s a matter of time and we all have enough, it’s just allocating how much time we should be giving to activities that better us as people. To finish on a much realistic note, if you have the time to read an article of any kind or ponder on your friends Instagram account for 10 minutes; surely you have enough time to fit in a 10 minute workout or a jog to the park.
  • Happiness. What makes you happy? Now, if I were asked this question I’d answer it with enthusiasm, because isn’t what makes us happy something to be enthusiastic about?! When we share what gives us this joyous feeling, our eyes light up, our heart starts to beat faster, and often we are taken back to a well enjoyed memory where we derive happiness from. Whether that be travelling the world, going to the movies, watching your cat bring you a suprise from the garden, or more simply a phone call from your mom or dad. It could be anything, but it all starts with what you define as happiness, and to what extent? I like talking to people and getting to know what drives them to do what they do, a peoples person if you must. I’m the type that will ask all the questions to learn from experience, than to talk about myself and run out of things to say. Quite recently I spoke to a few friends of mine who have been working socities typical 9–5 role; prior to this they were students at top business schools. A lot of them were open in sharing that they only followed a degree path because it was expected of them, thus keeping their parents interest at heart. I was left wandering whether that was the correct way to approach our decision making process? I guess when it comes down to it, it’s much easier to do what you’re expected, keeping those around you happy than to follow your own heart and instincts. The point is: do what makes you happy, because nobody has ever laughed at someone for being happy.
“The average person spends 25% of their life doing things they enjoy. The other 75% they spend building someone else’s dream.”
  • Love. This one is tricky. We as humans are designed to fall in love with a lot of things. I’ll listen to one album this week and claim it to forever being my favourite, but then my musical taste will change and i’ll fall in love with another artist or band (currently Kanye West). Or, you may sum up love in terms of feelings for another person, love for a hobby, a sport, love for your job? Maybe not so much the last one, who loves working?! However defined, we all have different interpretations regarding “love” and there is no wrong or right answer, its completely personal. In terms of life and the context of this article, I will define love as keeping the ones you adore close to you. I, myself have grown up in a family that grew apart as we grew up, there were too many conflicts and colliding agendas that nobody ever got to see the other persons point of view. The result? growing up without the support of a father for much part of my teens. We all know teenagers to be funny little people. A lot goes on in their heads during adolescence and it’s hard as parents to understand them, hence why so many adults find it hard to connect with their child during this portion of life. There came a time where I felt like I had nobody to talk to; who could I possibly trust with personal problems? I caved and confided in my old man, it was weird at first because I’ve never known him to give me advice, but I’m sure glad I turned to him for it. What I needed to understand back then, was what I know now. The world then was scary, so much going on, so many option, where to start?! You need to give your self space and an open mind to properly think things through without being naive on your own action and judgements, and yes sometimes that does mean speaking to mom or dad. Now, me and my dad share a healthy back and forth relationship, he’s more of a best friend. Funny I’m writing on fathers day — Happy Fathers Day if you’re reading this dad!
  • Wealth. This one will recieve a lot of judgement. Hopefully I can make sense out of this and allow you to see both sides to the spectrum. Don’t let me confuse you with the typical meaning of wealth. I’m not referring to a matter of becoming wealthy overnight even though many of us dream of large abundances of cash in our bank account, and live life the lottery ticket way. Money is important to sustain comforts life has to offer, yes its important, but its not the most important thing to man. Being wealthy is the matter of taking what you have currently and making it a priority, making the most of it. Like the past three points, you could be wealthy with health, with happiness and/or love. We all have something to be grateful for, no matter how harsh life gets on us, there’s always something to feel good about. I’ve tried to grow up too fast in some cases, so much that I lose sight of the bigger picture and forget to live for the moment. I try to control the aspects I can’t reach rather than controlling what I can and this overtime has paid its toll by making me feel helpless and lost. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t focus on your strengths, those skills are unique to you and most likely your wealthiest attributes.
“Success is doing the best you can with what you have wherever you start in life.”

With only two posts on medium, I know I’m no writer; I usually never devote time to writing. Uhm, that’s a lie, I guess I try to but i’m not really good at it. But i’ve discovered writing is a form of escape for me. So hopefully I can produce new topics to cover and share them with you! Please share and like if what I write applies to you in any way.

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