Housing, Tent Encampments, Neighborhood Policing, and Health: Measures We Placed on the November…
Scott Wiener

An Opportunity to Think This Through

Mr. Scott Wiener, I appreciate your invitation to engage in public dialogue around these initiatives. Indeed, public responses to issues as contentious as these are often predictable and trivial, so I genuinely welcome the opportunity to commit to dialogue. I hope you or one of your colleagues can arrive at a satisfactory answer to my question.

On Presupposing Availability of Housing or Shelter

My question is specific to §169(d), which specifies that enforcement of the ordinance presupposes that “Housing” or “Shelter” is available. I refer here to the final line:

The City shall not enforce the prohibition of subsection (c) unless there is available Housing or Shelter for the person or persons residing in the Encampment.

In my view, this provision seems to deadlock the initiative right away. I am hoping you or another City employee can surface more precise numbers, but my admittedly short search suggests that there are not nearly enough housing or shelter options for the homeless at present.

Thus, am I correct in assuming that this initiative will remain unenforceable by default for the majority of encampments until more shelter and housing is made available?

Yours respectfully,

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