Combating demonization of demonetization

It’s been 10 days since our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization plan. Knives are out! What started out as a part of something grand has been reduced to petty politics by media, opposition parties and whiners. They’re yet to fathom the fact that they’re no longer in control. Modi is in control and how! I appeal everyone to keep our differences aside and welcome this bold move made by our Prime Minister. Not because it comes from Modi, but for its merits.

I’ve always been a strong proponent of what they call Modinomics. The recent decision of demonetization is no exception. Sudden ban on currency of 500 and 1000 denominations was a text-book example of “shock and awe” military tactic. This spectacular display of force has caught the enemy off-guard and has paralyzed it to some degree, if not completely. That is the reason why it has also been named as “Surgical Strike 2.0”.

Mr. Modi, out of his habit, always seems to be aiming for more than what one would expect. This time he has not only targeted corrupt ordinary citizens but also politicians and terrorists. A bold move, indeed. In one strike, he has antagonized a large mass. A hand so potent that, if not played carefully, it could derail everything this government has achieved. A capable man like Mr. Modi will not let things go out of his hands.

But what good is this story if corrupt and biased media doesn’t play its role? On November 9th, when people started coming out of their dumbfound, they lined up outside the banks and ATM units. Mr. Modi had appealed the Indian citizens not to panic and cooperate with the government. He also tried to make it about patriotism, quite justifiably so, so that people will understand the need for this decision. But the media, instead of encouraging people to support this cause, has started inciting them. It’s within the ambit of democracy. But it’s very dangerous and it exposes the corrupt face of media.

How is standing in line patriotic?

Majority of citizens has approved of this decision and has no problem standing in the line to get the money. It’s quite understandable if you have this question in your mind. Why would someone waste 2 hours of their time just to get a thousand bucks out of ATM? (I, for one, did not even stand in the line. I’ve been living off my father’s money that he’s been regularly withdrawing after November 8)

But think of it in this way. You invest a few hours of your life to withdraw money, and in return you get far more than just money. If you support this cause, it will be a win for those who honestly pay their taxes over those who avoid it. It will be a victory of ordinary citizens over terrorists who are funded by counterfeit currency and that too without violence! This will be a tight slap to those who were going to distribute black money in the upcoming elections. In future, potential black money hoarders will think ten times before stashing currency. With shortage of higher denominations, people will be forced to start using online transactions, which will automatically leave traces of money. Don’t you think your wait is worth something beautiful?

Hmmm.. But what about the new 2000 rupee note?

Wait a second…

Many, including myself, questioned the purpose of new 2000 rupees denomination. Isn’t it counter-productive? Ban 1000 and introduce 2000? WAT. Is this some kind of a joke?

For those of you who have this genuine query, you can find a video down below, at the end of this article. I’m sure it will answer your question. Moving on…

Was government unprepared?

I don’t think so. This is not a small step. Government think-tank must have anticipated the chaos, strain on banks, post offices and most importantly on ordinary citizens. Yes, many things could have been improved. Some say government should have pumped in adequate currency in the economy before acting on something like this. But do you really think that the government has not chalked out a solid plan? Should-have, could-have, would-have will not help. We’re in this, now. We must help the government.

Some people suddenly started crying for their maids, watchmen and local bhaji wallah down the road. I urge you to guide these poor people to open bank accounts and teach them how to do transactions. You can open their accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana. Stop criticizing the government.

There’s only one aspect that I’m worried about- Hospitals. It’s very sensitive and subjective. Hospitals should be given complete exemption. Patients must not suffer because some government has decided to curb corruption. Watching next of kin run helplessly is painful. Mr. Modi should give this top priority.

Everything will come back to normal, eventually. It has to! Have patience.

Why are people dying in queues?

No clue! Maybe some of them were having health issues. Maybe some of them died of natural death. Dying in a queue is stupid. Stop acting like a little bitch.

What is the problem of Kejriwal, Mamta, Rahul and likes?

So our anti-Modi friends have been attacking the whole “patriotism” appeal of Mr. Modi from day one. Because they know that Mr. Modi is heavily relying on his mandate and approval numbers. Without the support of common citizens, no one would dare to do such kind of thing. It’s only logical that they will incite ordinary citizens. They know that Indians are facing trouble withdrawing money.

Kejriwal is the biggest loser in this game. He’s been wasting away his days in office doing dharana, drama and writing movie reviews. He’s been sitting on much hyped Lokpal bill. Only god knows what happened to 340 pages of proof against Shiela Dikshit. CAG audit of power discoms hasn’t yielded anything. The list goes on. Now that Modi has stolen his thunder by his nation-wide crack down on black money hoarders, he can’t do much.

Mamata, looks upset. Maybe she lost all of her Sharada Scam money. My sympathies are with her.

Rahul… Well, it’s best not to give him any importance.

How can I contribute?

As mentioned above, educate your maid, watchmen and other poor people who don’t have access to banking system. Bring them out in the mainstream economy.

Educate yourself and learn how this step is going to help our country.

Encourage your local grocery store owner to install credit card swiping machine. Or transact through Paytm. Here’s a chance to create a clean economy. Do you want to be a part of it?

Here’s the video that I promised.

On Agenda, economist and NITI Aayog member, Bibek Debroy fields questions from the public on the government’s surprise decision to eliminate Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes overnight. Could the government have handled the implementation of this decision, being billed as death knell to the country’s black money menace, in a more streamlined manner? Mr Debroy says that the secret would have been out then and the move wouldn’t have been as effective, adding, ‘don’t assume the government is stupid’.