Sorry, buddy, you tried really hard to get this through but I think you’re looking at it the wrong…
John Dell

I can come up with some basic scenarios for Rey, but I can’t get my head around why she would be abandoned on Jaaku… I was of a mind after I The Force Awakens the first time that Rey and Ben are brother and sister. That would explain her Wookie speech skills, her ability with the Millenium Falcon and the generally protective feelings Han expressed towards her… It also provides a general reason that she was able to turn the tables on Kylo Ren’s attempt to probe her mind, because they have similar skills. The flaw I have with my theory though is what possible course of events would make Han or Leia ditch their daughter in relative squalor and basically a slave on Jaaku? I mean hell Princess LEia had access to more wealth than Han Solo could imagine right?