Hi Brian,
John Siegrist

Hi John,

Those statements in 1 John and Jude are true, and I agree with what you say — as a Christ follower I need to be paying attention to the 1,000+ commands Jesus gave in written form. I am not opposed to obedience. I do challenge what that obedience would look like.

Does obedience to the commands of Christ look like obedience to the laws of Moses? My contention is that it looks rather different. Obeying the commands of Christ is first of all, doable. It is actually possible to learn obedience to Christ. But obeying the laws of Moses is a futile, cursed exercise (per Paul). The purpose of Moses is not obedience (but that is another topic!).

The obedience of some Christ followers is unfortunately rather pathetic. But other Christ followers display a glimpse of the beautiful, majestic glory that belongs to our Lord. So yes, I agree that we who claim to follow Christ are to obey the commands of Christ that are recorded.

I would contend this obedience extends marvelously beyond the 1,000 or so written commands. It is an amazing experience to learn how to hear the voice of God, and to obey the Living God! When we surrender our religion and find the narrow pathway called love, and when we realize grace is 100% from God, and when we realize salvation comes before obedience — then the new wine bursts forth!

You claim I don’t know if I will be in heaven or hell. I present to you that I will most certainly be in heaven, for heaven is already begun in me. The Spirit is a guarantee — and therefore I guarantee you I will be in heaven. In fact, I am also certain I will see you and Astrid there :) All of us will be at the heavenly banquet.

I suspect you will consider me a Universalist, and again I accept the charge. Similar to Spurgeon, I care not if I earn the label of Antinomian or Universalist. Let me explain just briefly. I read in the Bible that there are 2 judgments coming — the first is a Condemnation where everyone who is not written into the Book of Life will be in “hell”. The second is a Judgment where anyone who made it through Condemnation will be judged for what was done, not to receive punishment, but to receive their reward and place in heaven. In this second Judgment, whomever is there will be transformed and our earthly bodies will be changed (in a flash, in a twinkling of an eye :)

Here is the deal. I believe ALL names are written in the Book of Life. Only Satan and Death will be condemned for there is no condemnation in Christ. As you imply, I risk my future on this doctrine. I do so gladly and with utmost confidence. What is more, I stake my current life on these things, for I see that hell is also a place here on earth.