Youtube series “Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby”, the first project on KAIstarter, offers KAI holders a revenue share from its Youtube advert income. The series is produced by Big Cat Entertainment, a strategic partner of KardiaChain.


  • Disclaimer: Due to recent token swap, the timeline for locking period might be affected. Please consider all the timing mentioned below as tentative.
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Big Cat Entertainment, the label behind YouTube channels with a total of more than 11 million subscribers, is in the top list of entertainment channels in Vietnam. They have announced plans to launch a new project called “Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby”, a web drama to be broadcasted on 6 million subscribers Youtube channel — Ghien Mi Go.

Big Cat Entertainment is currently working on producing the web drama, with the aim for them to release in October 2020 on Ghien Mi Go channel every Saturday night. It will gradually reveal the secret world under the perspective of “Sugar Daddy” and “Adopted Daughter” in the irony and bring an empathetic look to the cruel, pitiful life of the girls who are sliding into this path, in the presence of young talented actors such as Kieu Linh, Mai Phuong, Tuong Vy, and the extensive experience in the thorny topics as director AT.

Wondering why we choose YouTube web drama as our first project on KAIStarter? Here are the main reasons:

  • Web series are a great way to capture and sustain audience interest.
  • Online content consumption is currently a hot topic in Vietnam.
  • It is one of the most effective marketing strategies.
  • The monetisation model has a proven track record and is sustainable. Because this type of series does take a bit of creative thought, but the payoff can be huge.
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The percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 who watch online videos in Vietnam is 95%. The return on investment from our first project is expected to be $ 0.28 ~ $ 0.32 per CPM (1000 views) for live video series under Big Cat youtube channels.

Big Cat’s past performance ranges from 1 to 20 million views per video.

See all videos here from their Ghien Mi Go channel here

KAI holders are able to support SDSB Project by locking KAI and earn a revenue share proportional to the locked amount. To lock KAI, you will need to send KAI from your *personal wallet* to our provided locking contract. An easy way is to use the MetaMask connect feature on the platform.

  • Participating period: 1st OCT 2020 to 3rd OCT 2020
  • Locking period: 3rd OCT 2020 to 3rd JAN 2021
  • Total cap: 7,500,000 KAI
  • Personal cap: 500,000 KAI
  • Minimum amount: 1,000 KAI
  • Revenue share payout: USDT
  • Payout calculation: Total share amount = Total revenue/ (your locked KAI/ max locked amount)

*total revenue is the entire advertising revenue from Youtube during the first 3 months of release of all 6 episodes of SDSB series

Join now at https://kaistarter.kardiachain.io/#/campaign

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