About the right spirit

Christmas is over, and it is time to prepare your mind and spirit for the next year. 2017 will be here soon!

It is also time for reflections. For me, 2016 was remarkable for several reasons. In August after my annual leave, my weight rocketed above 98 kg.

I thought, OK! I can handle that. Unfortunately, I had not found my “why”, and in October my weight was still hovering between 95–96 kg.

Then I had a real wake-up call. My blood tests revealed my HbA1C was slightly above normal limits. This helped me to find my “why” — I do not want it to develop into type 2 diabetes!

So, I finally started to use my own medical advice (“how”), which I am giving to my patients, who are, let’s put it nicely “too short for their weight”.

I began to cut my calorie intake for two days per week to 600–800 kcal and started to avoid carbohydrates and starches as much as possible. Increased my intake of water and green tea. I carried on my physical activities: dog walking, martial arts classes and biking to work. Nothing too crazy!

My pre-Christmas weight went nicely below 87 kg. This all seemed to be very easy!

I think the main point was that my mind and spirit were now ready for this change.

Success is found in mind, in the mind’s “why”. Sadly we are too often too focused on the “how”.

Here I wish to cite Robert T. Kiyosaki, he wrote in his book “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant”:

“… I mention emotional and spiritual development because that is what it takes to make a permanent change in life. For example, it rarely works to tell an overweight person, “Just eat less and exercise more.” Diet and exercise may make sense mentally, but most people who are overweight do not eat because they are hungry. They eat to feed an emptiness in their emotions and their soul. When a person goes on a diet-and-exercise program, they are only working on their mind and their body. Without emotional development and spiritual strength, the overweight person may go on a diet for six months and lose a tonne of weight, only to put even more weight back on later.”

I think he hits the nail! It is a hard and painful truth. I wish you good luck in finding your own “why”.

Read more about intermittent fasting via https://thefastdiet.co.uk/ and https://thebloodsugardiet.com/. I recommend to check out this BBC’s program as well!

One of the biggest killers, being overweight is a daily struggle for many. With the right mindset and spirit it is easy to tackle overweight. Intermittent fasting seems to be very natural and easy to accomplish.

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