groin presses seductively 
on my shapely derriere body
paints small sensual circles 
ferociously around the hardness
held hostage in his faded jeans soft 
moans eyes closed heavy breathing
tight grip on my neck draws me closer I am he, he I.. you like that? asks he grinding Intense pulsing
what are words? 
mounts him in response 
shirt hugs floor
clear silent language
Eager lips passionately 
the untold 
abrupt swerve flip
on all fours
lace set aside
wets lip
tongue on sensitive nerves 
so many stars
complete surrender
knees cave 
hands find crotch
frees caged beast
mouth in rousing rhythmic 
motion hands offer help
deep animalistic groans
mouths name 
desperate to be intertwined 
dying for release
please let me.. says he
legs part 
sprouts in full bloom 
thick shiny crest seeks 
a home in me
so much pain
Why is there so much pain? 
am I imagining it? 
I want pleasure
this is pleasure
is this pleasure? 
charge deeper 
no please stop 
wait don’t 
reassuring words are uttered
Tears find freedom
what’s happening?
More tears 
I can’t stop
please make me stop
I want pleasure
Loud sobs 
defeated retreat 
hugging self 
Louder sobs
am I ever going to be okay
Pillow between us
arms wrap around me
soft kiss on my shoulders 
question answered
in silence we lay

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