The Creepy Old Geezer.

Jack saw me for the first time during his routine morning walk to the bank.

I just had to say hi

He started

You are simply gorgeous.

He left without hearing the response I didn't have.

A few days went by, I’d already forgotten about him. He walked towards me holding a bunch of papers in one hand.

You have a beautiful smile

I couldn’t hide the curve that formed around my mouth.

Do you remember me?

He inquired

Hard to forget someone who referred to me as ‘gorgeous’ and disappeared into thin air

Jack smiled. He told me to keep the smile and lose the sadness in my eyes.

Jack the strange seventy four year old.

I didn't see him in weeks. One time with my hands on my jaws I wondered what he's saying to random girls.

Is he telling them they're simply gorgeous like he told me?

Is he smiling genuinely his gaze piercing right into their souls?

Jack the old creeper.

Why hasn't he come to see me?

I was angry at Jack.

One morning I was piling up stacks of hundreds into thousands. Jack walked in smiling.

Jack?! I beamed

How are you my friend?! He queried

I frowned.

Where's my smile my gorgeous girl?

I couldn't help it. Jack knew how to unlock the warmth hidden deep within me.

He bought a linen coat that day. I told him,

Jack you should invite me to dinner and put that jacket on!

He gave me his card. He didn’t carry his coat, he asked if I could steam iron it and bring it downstairs to his office.

Well sure Jack, I'll be right down.

He pecked me on the cheeks twice when I went to his office. It was strange.

You did it like the French!

I said to conceal my shyness

Jack closed the door.

Would you like a sandwich? My wife makes great sandwiches

He was right, they were delicious . I ate all the sandwiches his darling wife had prepared. He watched me eat without blinking or speaking.

It was creepy.

I liked it and would slyly exaggerate my mouth’s movements for his pleasure.

I love the way your mouth curls when you dig in to take a bite.. Everything about you intrigues me.. 
I love the way you walk ..talk ..your voice and accent ..all that and more drives me crazy ... Lips are simply yummy ...real turn on ...And oh yea the neck ...could kiss all the time ....

What a strange old geezer, this one.

I thought.

I was uncomfortable and extremely excited.

Am I making you uncomfortable?

Jack asked

Yes, dial it down a bit

I answered

Ok my dear,

He started

It is not my intention to make you feel things ,My darling girl ....what can i say ..you are just too irresistible. Just as long as you are enjoying my words ...and not getting upset ...let it be ..you made me crazy ...i am just expressing my thoughts
After all good things in life are to be admired and loved

Oh my, Jack, there’s no taming you is there?

I love it that you refer to me as ..oh my Jack ..yes i am.

He was.

Once on my day off, Jack gave me a call.

We talked for 28 minutes and 50seconds.

Jack said,

My darling girl, I would like to lay with you. Feel your skin against mine, kiss your soft lips..

Jack, I called out.

I must have sounded alarmed. 
I’d never do anything to hurt you my darling girl.. There’s no rush.. I’d prepare you first, we’d take a warm bath,I’d clean your toes and comb your hair into a ponytail ... Tell me my darling girl, do you have a boyfriend?

No jack, I do not have a boyfriend

Such a lovely young woman, I would love to lay with you my darling girl, I would lay kisses on every inch of your body.. I can only imagine the softness inside your thighs.. Tell me, do you dream about me?

No Jack, I do not dream about you

Well I had a dream last night and it was simply amazing ...I was with the most delicious dame ...


Yes my darling girl..

I’ve gotta go now.

I said.

How did you feel after our conversation yesterday?

Jack asked during lunch the day after

How do you mean?

Were there any womanly feelings?

What does that mean jack?

You really want me to say it?

Yes, jack. I would like that very much.

Did you touch yourself after we talked?

I crossed my legs and asked about his wife’s delicious sandwiches.

Jack made me feel special. With him I was everything a man could ever desire.

Jack was strange. Sometimes he said creepy things.

One time he told me,

Let’s go somewhere nice and quiet. I would like to relax with my feet on your belly.

Jack created a new world for me. A fantasy world where my pleasure surpassed any of his strange needs. A world where I was a god and he the servant.

I lay with Jack a few times. It was appalling , my stomach churned in disgust after . I hated it and I loved it and wished I had the strength to avoid doing it again.

Every time it got stranger and better.

Jack the creepy old geezer.

He died last summer.

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