Let’s be lost together, you said

So you held my hand and jumped with me into the deep cloud of black

I thought surely your light ought to be enough to keep dark shadows at bay

It would swallow us, engulf us, protect us, guide us

But I was wrong

I underestimated the intensity of my darkness

It mocked you, teased you

It laughed at your dozen attempts to save me

Seeing you so distraught, so spent broke my heart into small little pieces of nothing

I hated how bitter, how angry, how sad and utterly hopeless it made you

It took your heart hostage

It was turning you to me

I couldn’t fathom it

I let it spit you in the spot I found you

I couldn’t let it win

I couldn’t let it take you

I cared deeply for you

It had so much of me

But you, you belonged to me

So I set you free