No more!
Saying no! 
No! no! no! 
No longer shall you 
Sulk in shame unfounded 
No longer shall you 
Bruise a wound free from ailment 
No longer shall you escape 
In pursuit of nothing lost 
No longer shall you search 
For peace overflowing 
Within you 
Saying no! 
No! no! no! 
Pour pathetic fits 
Down the drain 
Watch it drift away 
To underworld sewers 
Where it’s welcome
Is your vision clearer? 
Do you see what I’m seeing? 
All you’ll ever need 
So take a good look 
Squint blurriness away goddamn it! 
See yourself, your self 
Gaze at the person staring back
See her for what she is
Not what she’ll never be 
Accept the world being offered 
Here, right here, right now, this, you! 
All you’ve ever longed for lives 
In that strong glare whose love 
Brings forth the true definition 
Of beauty

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