Stay Away From Me

I am a vintage automobile gifted to you but won’t run —a valuable piece of junk stored in your garage, a classic whose authenticity cannot be remodeled by buying new parts — whose pleasure comes with what ifs and distant contact, 
a damaged beauty you can’t get rid of.

I will write poetry about you 
not with you. 
I will let you see me naked 
but shudder at the brush of our skins. 
I will reveal a vulnerability 
I’ll never trust you with.

I am your favorite meal 
laced with an untraceable poison. 
Deceit my only mission, 
a slow death on heroine. 
Listen to me darling, 
if you want to live, 
stay away from me.

I am the Antichrist —the evil in heavenly presence, I’ll bestow upon you earthly pleasures and dispose your carcass like a virus ridden tissue.
I will leave your charred body at the mercy of a brutal afternoon sun — I’ll lay a cold kiss on your bleeding heart and walk towards the sun.

You will beg and plead 
baby please just one more chance —
My eyes will be blind to you and my ears will no longer recognize your voice.

I’ll crush your soul in my palm and blow the dust on a bulky history book no one dares to peruse — desire will leave your bones, pumping your heart with overwhelming unworthiness. 
Darling I beg you 
Stay away from me please 
Or I will be your ruin.

Art by Liudas Barkauskas

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