The Woods

Let your bare feet kiss 
The grass layered turf 
Let your heels refreshingly
Absorb wet earthy moisture 
Be rid of defunct husks 
Expendable white peels 
Let the rich red soil nourish you
Grow anew
Rest in the shade, look up
Cloudless summer skies
Plead to be gazed upon 
Soak in transcending beauty
Like you’re deprived of it
Emaciated from the lack of it

Hug trees, carve your name out 
Scale them, release your Inner child 
Perch on a twig like a lonely bird 
Dance with branches, drift away 
To the depths of your existence
To the core of your being

One-winged wasp buzzing 
Red ant walking cautiously 
Lizard eyeing you suspiciously 
Open your palms, gawk fixedly 
Be awed, feel nsynch energies flow 
Connect beyond a human level

Pluck a wild flower, breath it 
Take in that soft sensual fragrance
Brush it across your delicate lips 
Slide it in your hair, compliment 
Elevate natural charming allure

Mount that mean dark Eagle 
Let it carry you away, wrestle winds
Transcend past your human form
Experience momentary immortality

Be present.

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