Who Has A Bigger Ego: The Tech or The Fashion Industry?

Flaunting your style and your labels is to the fashion industry what flaunting your private jet or your unicorn startup is to the tech world.

When I first joined the startup world three years ago, Zindigo was just a brilliant idea. When The CEO and I started to go on some presentations to the brands and investors, he described Zindigo as “the biggest boutique in all social platforms”. I have to say that at the beginning, the humble moi struggled with the idea of describing Zindigo as the world’s largest boutique on all social platforms while we hadn’t built anything yet.

Then one day, I realized that ego was important. Without ego, tech entrepreneurs wouldn’t have the necessary resources and energy to survive the daily roughness of a startup life. Without a big personality, a fashion designer wouldn’t have the resources to fuel a creative life.

There are many similarities about the fashion and the tech world. Fashion designers, who are as good as their last collection, need to reinvent themselves every season and are at the mercy of potential buyers, customers and trends. Tech entrepreneurs have to pitch their revolutionary ideas to potential investors, clients and adopters.

It all comes down to the way tech entrepreneurs and designers have an abstract concept of the world we live in. While tech entrepreneurs have a desire to change the world, designers romanticize the world we live in by making it a better place.

Like the tech industry, the fashion world attracts some of the most interesting people. People who also have a somewhat over-inflated egos and over-the-top personalities. There’s a saying “you can’t argue with crazy” and without those strong personalities, some of the greatest innovations and designs would have never seen life.

The Valley Of The Dolls VS. The Valley Of The Boys. Who do you think has the biggest egos?

Kareen Mallet, Partner | Fashion Director of Zindigo

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