How Udemy Is Profiting From Piracy
Rob Conery

When I first heard of Udemy I created an account and signed up for a course. It was so-so, just video lectures, although it would have benefited from some text and/or links (legit URLs, not pirated content) to other sites. It was about poetry, so there’s plenty of work out that’s out of copyright and free to use.

I finished the lectures but didn’t sign up for another class. Meanwhile, I get e-mails from Udemy, increasingly spammy. I’d bookmarked a few other courses that looked interesting, so when they had a “sale” (they *always* have a sale) offering any course on my wishlist at discount, the e-mail offered up a few items — showing the original price crossed out and “$19" in its place. Except some of them were free courses!! Sloppy, sloppy…

I began to lose faith in them and just deleted the promotional e-mails. Until I read this. Account deleted.

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