Three Very Cool Experiences For Digital Nomads

Karen Banes
Jul 15, 2018 · 3 min read
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Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

The digital nomad life can be fun, freeing, and fabulous. It can also be challenging and even lonely. Which is why it’s great that, in most well-traveled regions these days, there are co-working spaces where we can often find the support and friendship of other digital nomads.

There are also a few very cool ways to connect with other digital nomads en masse, and have some unique experiences. Here are a few of the best.

Remote year

A remote year tends to involve 12 locations, each of which you enjoy for a month, and they’ll be pretty diverse. A currently advertised program takes in Prague, Hanoi, Kyoto, and Santiago. While many people embrace the concept fully and book a true remote year, there’s also a four month itinerary available.

Current prices for the full, 12 month, remote year experience are around $2250 (US) per month, less than average monthly living costs in many major cities such as London, San Francisco, or New York. This includes accommodation and utilities, full-time access to a co-working space in each city, transport between cities, and some local experiences and events. You’ll still have to pay for food, entertainment, and transport around the city, although your co-working space will always be within walking distance of your accomodation. Want to travel with your partner? There’s a discount for couples sharing accommodation. Find out about the program here.

Nomad Cruise

The cruise caters for all digital nomads, offering talks, workshops, networking and masterminds, as well as all the usual on-board fun you’d expect from a cruise, and land excursions to soak up a bit of local culture along the way.

All meals are included, as are drinks , entertainment and sports facilities. There’s a gym, exercise classes, a pool and jacuzzi. The Wifi has been known to be unreliable, especially (and unsurprisingly) mid-Atlantic Ocean, so this isn’t suitable if you need constant internet connectivity, but perfect if you want to switch off, do deeply creative work, and spend your time networking, learning, and collaborating. Check out the details here.

The 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

2019 will be year 4 of this conference and it takes place October 22–29, in Wellington, New Zealand. Last year, there was also a small, intimate, 5 day retreat for nomads to mastermind together straight after the conference, at a nearby villa, complete with pool, complimentary yoga mats, and a coffee tour. Sounds perfect. Hopefully they will get something similar in place again.

This conference has an inclusive vibe. There’s a mix of nationalities, 75% of attendees are female, all venues are disability accessible, and the home page stresses this conference is LGBTQ welcoming. And why 7in7? The plan is to hold the conference in all 7 continents over 7 years (Antarctica is year 7, and will understandably be a bit different, with the conference taking place aboard a ship). Find out more here.

The digital nomad life is full of cool experiences, but these are definitely a few worth considering.

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