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To take your freelance career either deeper or broader.

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Image by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

There are a ton of online courses for freelance writers out there. Feel free to research every single one. If you want to save yourself some research time, however, consider these. As someone who makes a full-time income as a freelance writer (albeit through about ten different income streams) I consider these to be 3 of the best.

[Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Please make sure you’re happy with the features and return policies of any course you purchase through my links. Find out more here.]

This one is suitable whether you’re a complete beginner, or a working freelance writer struggling to grow your freelance business beyond the just-making-ends-meet stage. You’ll learn about the tools and strategies you need to attract and land new clients, where to find higher-paying clients, and how to find clients to pitch to in ways that don’t leave you competing with 100 other writers. …

The math is simple. The work is harder.

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Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

I read a simple statement on social media the other day that blew my mind. As is often the case with these things I can’t find it now, but it doesn’t matter because the concept really was simple enough that it’s now engraved in my mind.

To make a million dollars you have to make $120 an hour, every day for a year.

$120 an hour may seem a ridiculous amount if you’re on minimum wage, or a very reasonable amount if you’re a hot-shot lawyer. …

The many ways homeownership can trip you up.

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Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Homeownership is still a big part of the American dream, although smart buyers consider the pros and cons carefully first. If you’re sure buying a home is for you, here are a few of the most important things to consider.

Location Is Still The One Thing You Can’t Change

Unless you’re buying a tiny home on wheels, you can’t change your location. It’s arguably the most important consideration, given that a lot of cosmetic, and even structural, aspects of a property can potentially be changed. A desirable location is therefore a top priority. But be aware that what constitutes a desirable location isn’t set in stone. …

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