The Writing Challenge: Check-in Time!
Stella J. McKenna

Hi Stella,

Thanks for writing this — am amazed we’re a fifth of the way there. Where does the time go?

In answer to your questions:

Are you sticking to the topic you picked?

… erm, not really. I began by defining my theme as ‘writing and the creative process’ but ran out of steam by week 3. Am now in the ‘oh, help what do I write about now?’ stage but I appear to be developing a ‘reflections on life drawing from books, cinema, travel and personal experience’ theme. Sometimes you have to write to find out what you want to write on.

Are you battling writer’s block?

This has been less of a problem than expected. However, finding the time to write can be a challenge.

Are you being more productive than expected? Less productive?

More productive than expected. I am managing my 500 words a week which has come as a pleasant surprise.

Has this been a challenge? Or is it easy?

Time and how to use it productively is the challenge here. I’m still struggling with the irresistible lure of the internet, that thief of time!

Feel free to include a link to your most recent work!

Here goes! I’m not a diarist but there’s something inspiring about people who keeps a record year after year without expecting anyone to read it: