Cataloge Photography — Hoarding Project From Anna White

‘Hoarding Project’ is a project about a woman who was Anna’s neighbor, Zora, who was a hoarder, recording the items that she collected and treasured throughout her life. Many of the stuff came from her childhood home and had not been unpacked since. Zora also hated opening the post and as a result, she had several outstanding court cases for unpaid bills and had lived without hot water for years.

The causation of this project came from Zora couldn’t go in her flat as she didn’t pay the rent and cause the housing association changed the lock of the flat. Anna and her mother met Zora and help her to bring the life back to normal. When Anna went into Zora’s flat, she discovered Zora has a hoarding problem and there were lots of stuff in the house. Therefore, she was helping Zora to reduce the number of amassed items in her house, so that she won’t lose the flat. Anna did this series of work to dedicated to Zora. Besides, Anna hopes these photos show the beauty of her collections, as well as the negative effects hoarding, can have.

Hoarding Project (Source: Ana White, 2008)

Anna White is my tutor and I saw this series ‘Hoarding Project’ from last year. I was so impressed with the presentation of the images that all the objects are placed so well. Each image is a category (Colour pencils, combs, belts, letters, magazine etc. )and even each object is in different shape and length, Anna arranged them in perfect order. There is another common point in this series, which is all the objects were placed on a plain background. I think it works very well on projecting every single object, no matter the shape, the color and the feature. It leads audience’s eyes to focus on the objects and avoid distract from the background.

Hoarding Project (Source: Anna White, 2008)

Anna’s work has inspired me to present the cafe chairs in catalogue photography with a plain and clean background in order to make all the chairs stand out with its shape, color, and characteristic.


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