Horia Manolache — Imagines What Chairs Would Look Like If They Were People

Horia Manolache studied in a technical university for two years and then he changed his professional differently to filmmaking and got a Master’s degree of it. He worked as a freelance photographer for magazines, companies, and institutions during his studies.

I found an article about him accidentally while I was doing research about chairs. The title of the article caught my attention, “Photographer Imagines What Chairs Would Look Like If They Were People.”

Screen shot (Source: PetaPixel, 2015)

The series of photographic work called ‘The Chairs’. It was started in a workshop by photographing an upholstery and its owner of that place. After that, he thinks it was awful but after seeing a white chair with a broken arm (which is the image above), an idea sparked in his mind: “What if this chair would be a women? What age would she have?”.

A year later, Manolache decided to continue the idea into a photo project. He started by finding and photographing the portraits of different style of chairs; red velvet armchair, vintage accent chair, worn leather office chair, and 2 seater flower plush sofa and so on, each chair is with its own aura and style. Then he uses his imagination, like the creation of a character for a movie; he wrote a story in an aesthetic and narrative way for each chair and gave them a ‘life’. For the final step was to find the people that match his imagine and put on the clothing that matches the chair in order to transform all the chairs into people. In order to highlight the most fundamental, recognizable and unforgettable features of the chair. Manolache chose a simple black as a background.

The Chairs (Source: Horta Manolache, 2014)

In the project statement, Manoloache said ‘There shouldn’t be the question why, this series is an experience, mine, and viewers. It doesn’t answer to a question, it shows a way of looking at a fact: that we choose objects to feel in a certain way.’ (Horta Manolache, 2017)

This is the first time I saw chairs presented in this creative way. What we normally see a chair is just a chair, it is cold and no vitality, no matter in the magazines or in real life. Manoloache has reversed the tradition completely, he gives life and personality to chairs. Also, make viewers to see chairs in the different perspective. I have similar aims with Manoloache’s work. In this project, I would like to present coffee shop chairs from normal daily objects to an art piece that worth people to appreciate and take a good look on it in the fast culture.


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