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Dear Joe Romm,

Stop writing please and take the crew at Think Progress who write on climate change and energy with you. It’s preposterous to think that you don’t have the wherewithal to research Mark Jacobson’s work with the anti-fracking movement. It’s also preposterous to think that you aren’t aware of the incredible shift that has just occurred in this country on natural gas and coal in terms of generating electricity and what the significance of this is. The anti-fracking movement, which Mark Jacobson is an activist in and part of, says things like natural gas is the worst fossil fuel for climate change and many other things that aren’t true. You wrote that natural gas just might not be better than coal as well didn’t you? They also oppose nuclear by and large.

The anti-fracking movement is nasty and counterproductive. Perhaps only one reason you cant see that is you haven’t been attacked by it?

PS. There isn’t any such thing as a “progressive” fact or a “progressive truth” so what exactly is Think Progress again?

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