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The Open: How does it work?

As you know by now, the 2016 Open is quickly approaching, and we want to make sure our Bears are as prepared as possible.

To recap, the Open is a five-week competition. Each week, a new challenge is presented and participants have a four-day window to complete the workout and submit a score.

At CrossFit Jääkarhu, we will gather together on Friday nights to do the workout as a community. Heats of athletes will begin at approximately 5 PM, and will run until all participants have finished.

Here are a couple important notes to keep in mind:

1. How do I sign up for a heat?

  • Every week we will publish a Heat Sheet Google-Doc on Thursday nights, directly after the Open announcement.
  • Each athlete will be responsible for signing themselves up for a heat time on the Google Doc.
  • The heats will be run on Friday nights, beginning at approximately 5pm, and wrapping once all the heats have finished.

2. How early should I show up before I compete?

  • We suggest you show up at least 30 minutes before your heat, to get yourself warmed up (we will provide a suggested warm up on the whiteboard).

3. How does judging work?

  • You will have a judge/counter who will put your score onto a paper scorecard that you will sign.
  • You will submit your score online through your Games profile.
  • We will collect the scorecards and validate any performances done in our gym.
  • You will be asked to help judge/count for the athletes in the heat after your heat.

We will also be programming the Open workouts in our regularly scheduled classes on Friday from 5:30am through the noon classes. So if you can’t make it Friday night, you can drop into one of our regular classes to do the workout. Those scores will be validated, as well.

To sign up for The Open, register here.

If you need step-by-step instructions, start here.

P.S. Don’t forget to select “CrossFit Jääkarhu” as your affiliate and “Karhu Strength” as your team.

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