Exclusive New Video Unveils Obama’s Promises to Fight Agribusiness and Label GMOs -
David Murphy

Thanks so much for posting that video and getting this information out. What a shame that President Obama has done so little to move forward the anti-corporate anti agribusiness agenda he outlined so eloquently in this video. GMO labeling, better regulation of CAFOs, an end to subsidizing factory farms through our conservation programs, more support for land stewardship, subsidy reform, fairness for family farms through banning packer ownership of livestock — — and the list goes on. Unfortunately, GMO labeling is just one of many failures of this administration to do what he said he would — to make the USDA the Department of Agriculture not Agribusiness. Today it is more the Department of Agribusiness than when he arrived in Washington 7 years ago. Bernie Sanders is our best hope for moving candidate Obama’s agenda forward when it comes to our food system.

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