The Smartest Way to Launch Your Start-Up

So you have an amazing idea for a new smartphone App. You’re feeling excited, you’ve told your better half, and you’re itching to get started, but what’s your next step?

Do you hire a developer? Designer? Learn some code and try to hack it together yourself? Not bad thinking but there is a smarter, cheaper, faster way to ‘launch’ your start-up or new product. It’s not necessarily easy, but it won’t cost you more than a few head scratches and some time.

So what is it? Well it’s quite simple actually, you need to write a press release. Do a bit of research on writing solid press releases then craft one for your new product/app/service. The power of the press release is that it gets you to think about how end users and clients will perceive your new venture. How will you communicate it to them, what are the key features, how is it differentiated. All critical elements you will need to know before you get to the more expensive and time consuming phase of building out your start-up.

One great thing about this approach is that it can help you weed out weak ideas and concepts. It also attaches a certain cost to indulgent brainstorming sessions that can end up being demoralising for the budding entrepreneur and take up a lot of time too.

It doesn't mean your offering can’t change, in fact it will most likely evolve and adapt as you move forward but having this clarity of focus early on will help you get started faster and cheaper.

*Variation 1* For Advanced Users — If you have the time and budget, a very nice way to create a more tangible manifestation of your start-up is to create a marketing video. I’m talking about those conceptual ‘about’ videos that we see on most websites for new software apps and services. As I said this takes time, but it can be powerful.

*Variation 2* For Very Advanced Users — If you really wanna get a feel for the viability of your new idea, take the content from the press release above, combine it and the conceptual video to build out a simple marketing homepage for your product. Add an email entry box (or even just a simple email link) that users can ping to sign-up for your private beta. Then go ahead and promote this page in the usual channels (Facebook, Twitter and of course, LinkedIn). See what kind of response you get. If you get a good response it can be a great asset in early funding discussions with Angel investors.


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