Art and Antimony

Cerritos College’s Student Art Exhibit, located in the new Fine Arts Building, features a variety of paintings, sculptures and photos created by students from campus. Each of the pieces as well as the artists who create them, have a story to tell.

Yessenia Chaldez’s piece “Antimony” up on display in the Student Art Exhibit. The piece was up on display ever since April 27.

Yessenia Chaldez, studio art major, is among one of those featured in Cerritos College’s Art Exhibit. Her graphic design illustration titled “Antimony” was one of the first assignments she created as part of her Adobe Illustrator class.

The exhibit features a variety of paintings, sculptures and photographs from students on campus mentioned Brian Lombera, Visual and Cultural Studies major.

They’ll change every semester… Lombera continued to mention.

Lombera also said that the student art pieces are both recommended and chosen to be on display from the professors of the differing art classes.

When asked for what inspired her, Chaldez mentioned it was a fusion of different things like “modern elements of chemistry, alchemy…symbols…

The project took her roughly two to three weeks to complete.

Yessenia Chaldez in front of her piece “Antimony.” The piece was created on Adobe Illustrator and took her 2–3 weeks.

She has always been passionate about graphic design, ever since high school. A representative from an institution who was very knowledgeable in graphic design, visited and as she spoke more about the program, Chaldez mentioned she then became very interested in it.

I want to create something, that when people look at it, they get strength from it…” she mentioned when discussing her process for deciding colors, overall direction for her project, and what she would want someone to take away from her piece.

When deciding on the colors for her project, she mentioned that with green and red being “complementaries,” they really draw someones attention and stick out. The differing colors brings “powerful effect on the person” according to Chaldez.

“Antimony” up on display in the Student Art Exhibit. The piece is shown with another graphic illustration piece

Additionally, the symbol on the middle of the face (which is representative of antimony) was specifically chosen by Chaldez to be the main focus of the piece and revolves around the main element of alchemy weaved throughout.

With the smoke in the background, Chaldez wanted to bring a contrast of light and darkness.

Furthermore, she mentioned when looking at the piece herself, she hopes people will gain a sense of power or strength in a time when they may feel weak.

Yessenia Chaldez designed the logo for Student Art Exhibit on campus. She creates her graphic design pieces using Adobe Illustrator.

She hopes to one day get into the graphic design industry and is planning to apply for internships soon. Aside from her art piece up on display, she also created the design for the SAE (Student Art Exhibit) brochure.

Chaldez mentioned that project was “a lot of fun” for her as well.

She plans to continue pursuing graphic design and keep on creating.

When asked how she feels about her art up on display in the exhibit she said, “Its amazing…its like’ after all the hard work, it paid off.’

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