Book Hype

I would consider myself the type of reader that prefers to keep up with new and upcoming releases! I love reading the newest books and with so many books releasing monthly, I always have a new read to look forward to.

Also being a book blogger myself, I find that readers of my blog generally read or find reviews of the books that have recently been published or are gaining early buzz!

I’ve found both pros and cons to book hype, being an avid reader of Young Adult for almost 5 years now.

Book hype is essentially the attention or popularity a book gains whether its before release or once its already published.

In a general sense I’m not the biggest fan of it, because it usually leads to “over-hyping,” when a book gets ridiculous amounts of attention that my expectations go above and beyond. When that’s the case, I usually put off certain books for long periods of time because I’m worried the vision I’ve conjured up for the book in my head, won’t match what it is in reality.

That’s happened to me with quite a number of Young Adult books, where it got to the point that I had heard nothing but praise for them and when I finally got around to reading them, I was very disappointed.

However, an element of book hype that I find fascinating, is that once a book garners a large number of readers/fans (at least in Young Adult) I notice it brings a surge of novels in that specific genre to the market.

I find it very interesting to predict or see where book trends go in Young Adult, because I’ve found that the market changes quite quickly. For example, when The Fault In Our Stars released (2012) quite a number of YA novels released the following months/years were in the contemporary genre.

Now I’ve noticed a big shift since then, going from Young Adult Contemporary to Young Adult Fantasy.

And I do see a multitude of benefits! If it’s a book that tackles important topics, brings something new and different to the genre,or some other reason, that is amazing that it gets the attention it deserves.

Additionally, bringing large amounts of attention to a book, will generally interest people who may not read as much and give it a chance. And overall will promote reading.

What do you think? Do you pay attention to book hype?

If so, do you notice these pros and cons?