Interview with a Book Blogger

At V.E. Schwab’s A Conjuring Of Light Tour, there were a number of readers/fans who came to see her speak and get their books signed.

Interviewing Raneem

Raneem Kankan, a reader and book blogger, was one of those who was in attendance.

She began blogging around March of last year after spending quite some time co-blogging with one of her friends. However it wasn’t until August that she decided to start a book blog of her own.

While she reads what mainly appeals to her, Kankan does read “Young Adult with an emphasis on Fantasy…”

Being a very analytical person she loves reading because its like a “puzzle” where she can put pieces together to create a big picture and find her own interpretation. To her, books are like “written art.

With her favorite genre being fantasy, she commented on how “its something you can lose yourself in. Its unpredictable…that’s what draws me to it…

Being active in the book community, mainly through social media she has learned more about being true to herself.

I don’t write book reviews to appeal to authors…I do it because its something I’m passionate about…I can love a book, but I can critique it even if I’m good friends with the author… I will talk about a book the way I see it…

Also being an aspiring author, she has learned how much goes into a book (publishing, editing), even the writing process by interacting with authors through social media. Above all what she’s found to be the most important is to “never be afraid to ask questions,” because of that she’s found a mentor to help her with her writing through the online book community.

She mentioned that she does find it struggling at times to balance her passion for book blogging and writing, while also attending college.

I have a white board where I write the reviews…to do every week and since I’ve started school I’ve had those 4 reviews I’ve been planning to do that have not been done…I do find it hard to juggle but then I know if I sit down and say ‘I’m going to work on this’ I will do it…

She stated it is always hard to keep up with social media while in college everyday, but it is doable.

I blog because it’s something I’m passionate about…