Why I Use Goodreads

As I’ve mentioned before on previous blog posts, I wasn’t always a reader. However when I became passionate about reading again, I discovered a great site called Goodreads.

This website makes it easy to track what books you’ve read or are going to read. You can make custom shelves, add favorite authors and quotes, and most importantly, write and rate the books you read.

As I find more books to add on my “To-Read” list, I come to appreciate Goodreads because it introduces me to books I never would have heard of other wise. Additionally, it makes it easy for me to keep up with new releases.

Goodreads updates its “newly released” categories within genres, monthly or so and it really helps me out when I’m deciding what books to pick up next.

I usually try to read newly released books and Goodreads not only helps me keep track of them, but introduce me to new books as well.

Yearly challenges also make using Goodreads a lot of fun. Each year, users are able to set a goal of books to read in the year. People can put 1 or 101, it really depends on the person and what reading goals they want to accomplish.

While I keep my goal pretty low, having it there to begin with keeps me motivated to pick up at least one book a month and in general, inspire to keep on reading.

Additionally, as the years go by, being able to write reviews on Goodreads has inspired me to think more in-depth of the books I read and collect my thoughts, while being also being able to put into words what I thought of said book.

Its made me a more critical reader as well, considering your also allowed to rate the books you read!

While I try to find the positives with each book I read, its clear that as the years go by I will most likely rate more critically with the more books I continue to read.

However, these features make reading more “interactive” in a way, because the site allows you to see other reader’s reviews, see books readers also enjoyed (with a shelf to the right of the screen) which shows additional books that the site may think you’ll like.

Above all, sites like Goodreads make reading go beyond just words on a page. Through the internet, reading can be more interactive and you can connect or find readers with similar reading tastes to your own.

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