British citizens stuck in Egypt

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Breaking news, a strong possibility Russian plane crash was caused by ISIS terrorists. This led to Philip Hammond foreign secretary advising all travellers from flying from Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Guardian published Amy Watson’s comment about being stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh. She said that the cancellation of flights led to some panic in the resort. Amy is among the 20,000 British citizens stuck in Egypt due to fears of terrorist involvement in bringing down the Russian plane.

Easy Jet has promised to refund anyone who has booked tickets over the fortnight. However this new information will effect more than just the travel agencies. The Guardian published easy Jet’s statement; “The safety and security of its passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority.”

Although the Egypt’s Civil Aviation claims the airports are safe and no actual evidence has been found to prove terrorist involvement, this new possible claim has caused a huge concern for everyone around the world.

Now the question remains whether the tragic deaths of 224 passengers of the Russian plane that crashed in Sinai is leading this story to find someone to blame. Or if there is some truth behind it.

However just raising this question is enough to cause panic and make people reconsider travelling to Egypt until ISIS situation is finished in Syria and everywhere else. This will greatly effect Egypt’s economy as well as the British international relations.

It has been published by The Guardian that David Cameron did not consult the Egypt President Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi before suspending all flights from Egypt.

David Cameron has called another cobra meeting where further action will be determined. So far more military personnel has been sent to Egypt.

The Guardian has published Peskov’s statement. He said “Russian planes were continuing to fly to and from Sharm. He said he hoped that anyone who had information about what really happened would pass it onto investigators.”

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