The Hypocrisy of Trump’s Defectors
Simon Hedlin

Great argumentation. I love the end analysis. Things most often go this way quite everywhere and you put it wonderfully. Maybe though things are changing in his camp more because Trump has not been ‘smart’ enough to show a RELATIVE sense of what he could brag in public or not, rather than because he might lose. Major flaws are acceptable to most people as long as they can oversee them and build both on a winning perspective AND on collective hypocrisy in a perfect blend, — whatever the moral cost and the language bypasses. In this perspective Trump acts theatrically in such an incredible manner, disrupting conventional arrangements and social order, becoming a game-changer in his own camp first. That is not easy to do : it really takes a Trump to achieve that outcome! He put down the mask, wasn’t reliable enough to keep the power game safe and untouched. What was already known about him should have staid discreet to remain morally ‘invisible’ to some or at least stay as this ‘necessary byproduct we condemn but have to oversee because this is the way great leaders are great leaders’ as it often goes behind the scenes in the occasions alas when people speak out. What we are witnessing could have happened in any party, even when with ludicrous nuances. As a conclusion you are right about everything, — but the way Trump shakes the hypocritical consensus plays a major role too. It is now time this terrible play has its end. I am not optimistic about if we can build on this episode. But who knows.

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