4 Key Travel Marketing Trends for 2018 at #SkiftForum NYC (2 of 2)

I was totally amazed by the quality of the conferences on the first day of the Skift Forum. I was also not disappointed by the second day, which had plenty of on-topic discussions as well. Here’s my report on the second day in three words:


At the conference, Skift launched the very first version of its magazine with the overall theme of permanxiety.

What’s permanxiety?

It’s a combination of the words « permanent » and « anxiety » and, as its name implies, refers to the permanent anxiety associated with traveling amidst today’s political and climatic instability.

Whether it’s Hurricane Irma’s devastation to the tourism industry and residents in Florida and the Caribbean, political instability or high-profile terrorist attacks, anxiety is now a constant for travellers.


During the CEO lectures, the subect of competition-partners came up many times — not only for hotels and online travel agencies (OTAs), but also for airlines and OTAs.

Airbnb also works with hotels. In fact, many B&Bs and vacation homes list their rooms on Airbnb and use this service as an additional distribution channel. In short, there’s friendly competition between many players in the industry. Let’s see how this phenomenon pans out in the coming years.

11. #TRUMP

Trump’s impact on the tourism industry was discussed during an interview with Apple Leisure Group CEO Alex Zozaya, who openly professed his disagreement with Trump’s protectionist policies, which have definitely hurt U.S. tourism. This is not the first time he has ever made these remarks.

12. CMOs are becoming CEOs

A particularly interesting panel was held with CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Tourism Australia. The CEO of Skift introduced him, mentioning that more and more CMOs are becoming CEOs of large tourism companies and, in turn, marketing is becoming increasingly important within these organizations.

Now more than ever, brands are both media companies that create content and technology companies that must be constantly innovative to stand out from the crowd. In short, this panel considers marketing a key consideration in the strategic decisions of tourism companies and as a major driver of its customer service and reputation.

Karine Miron, Parkour3, for Tourism Express

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Karine Miron is a well known digital marketing tourism expert based in Montreal Canada. She is Marketing Director & Partner at Parkour3 Digital Marketing & Production Agency based in Montreal. She had worked with many Canadian travel brands such as Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations, Quebec Province Tourism (Québec Original), many Canadian DMOs and Canadian hotel groups. She also write for TourismExpress, a major Canadian media player in the tourism industry. She operates a lodging property in Magdalen Islands as well.

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