Why is this “Man Blog” For You?

I started this Karisa Crest Creative to start my own Interior Design business. What has evolved is the idea of creating a design service for men and pairing it with a blog that was more than surface level. I wanted to focus on men because while living in San Francisco I continuously met men who had no time and no idea where to start on how to make their apartment look like they were no longer in college. From 25–35, these guys were your Everyguy and were just stumped.

This is blog was created to help you discover and empower your inner strength in finding your personal home style and as your trusty secret side kick i’ll show you how to impress a girl… or two.

Let’s face the facts, 9 times out of 10 you want a girl to keep coming back to your place.

We all know that one girl who’s not coming back.. we will leave her out of this. The question is, how do you get her to keep coming back? Sure, GQ makes its mark on its hot topics, but dating as a 20–30 something man or woman is not only humorous but equally scary and difficult. As a woman going over to a man’s apartment is like walking in stilettos in the rain. It can be painful, awkward and sometimes not worth the trouble. It is very true that if I am not comfortable in the ONE place where I’m supposed to feel normal its a true sign to our future.

The typical bachelor pad is bare with hodgepodge furniture and hand me downs OR most common is that guys choose the easy route and everything came as a matching set — from couch, to side table, to pillows. Yes, this idea is easy, but creating a unique and comfortable space is about personality and well designed furniture.

So here we are. You have invited a wonderful woman to come over to your place, and as a man, you have no idea how many walls we may have up.

The second she walks into your place you have to peel back all the layers of the onion. In most cases there will be tears on your end as you are not a mind reader. If you’ve found a great girl, you should be able to just have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and chitchat on your couch…. But there are a million things that could go wrong! Nothing kills the romantic dinner date at your place more than insecurities and you’re in your house! You should be the most confident person in that room!

Now, you may also be thinking to yourself that the next girl to come along will help you out or that she will take over your place down the road so why invest?

….. NEWS FLASH! If men had better quality stuff, I would sell my things in a heartbeat! And if there is one thing that is attractive in a man, it is having a grown up home and a grown up attitude. If you want to upgrade your life to the next level, have the guys over, impress a woman and be that quality guy that she’s looking for, having a styled home will give you more bonus points than you’ll know how to handle.

So your next move is simple — Let ME help YOU!

Read my blog.

Yes, I want you to check out all of my FREE information that I am giving you first. Why would I give you all this knowledge? Because I am a woman, and damn it, I want every guy to have a nice place!! But guess what? I’m a lazy reader and I know you are too. Time is everything, the shortcut is for you and I to plan one-on-one time now*. Come check out my services! Send me an email with your questions and we can get Creative!


*Warning this is not a date

Originally published at karisacrest.com on January 10, 2016.

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