There are some good points here, and it’s a wonderfully written piece, but speaking as someone with…
Karrin Jackson

Barry, with all due respect, whatever uncited clinical psych studies you mention, whether you’ve read them or merely heard of them, don’t hold up against decades of treatment received from people who have more or less made this their life.

As ttrish says, when it comes to treatment, one size doesn’t fit all. Exposure therapy helps some. It doesn’t help others. That’s why there are so many different approaches. The human brain is amazingly complex, and how it responds to psychological damage is a lot more complicated than treating a cold, where bed rest and plenty of fluids pretty much does the job.

Besides, even for those exposure therapy can help, it is done incrementally in a controlled environment under the supervision of a treatment team, and it’s done in the patient’s best interest. You don’t just throw them out the door and lock it so they can’t get back in until they toughen up.