Paperless pages

How much of this world is functioning because it helps other things work?

How much of this world functions for no other reason than the fact that people like it EVEN THOUGH IT SERVES NO PURPOSE ?

Sometimes things that functioned for a long time without any purpose find themselves part of a purpose in a single accidental moment that changed everything.

Somethings that we are doing right now don’t serve any purpose and maybe we should stop doing them immediately. But we wont because it feels good.

Feels good but does no good. But isn’t feeling good a good feeling?

Good, bad. Large groups of people who believe they are good fighting other large groups of people who believe they are good. Spending lots of money on a belief that the bad exists somewhere.

Throwing valuable things across the dinner table. Intentionally harmful

Maybe things wouldn’t work without some mysterious divine intervention.. something we can’t understand until we transcend ourselves.. giving in to our experience.. but those who haven’t transcended themselves misunderstand our behavior.. they diagnose us from their current level of understanding.. WE FORGIVE YOU.

GO paperless it just might change your life.. everything you do everywhere at once. Not evil, just universal. Unforgettable

Ungrateful sometimes. No apologies necessary

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