People piles

I think its interesting that the average human brain is capable of comprehending around 150 relationships at one time.

Watch this video for some context

I also think its interesting this shit about psychopaths. People that supposedly don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves but carry all the traits that people like. Apparently the distribution of people who develop into psychopaths is approximately 1 in every 100 people.

So why do we present the issue like a disorder?

Seems to me the progression of human history (especially early history before we started writing shit down) goes something like this:

  1. Human groups up to the size of 100 people hunting and gathering together across the land looking for resources so they can spend the evenings partying around the fire.
  2. Group follows person with psychopathic traits
  3. Group continues to grow larger 150+ people
  4. Next generation two children born with psychopathic traits
  5. Children grow up, group splits in two
  6. Repeat

Interesting all this talk about the 1% too huh?

This may be an overly simplistic model. You might say, “What if there were 3 people born with psychopathic traits?” or “What if people chose not to follow one person?”

Yes nature is very messy, messier than the models but you can use your imagination to paint the rest of the picture.

I think there is something to be said here about the ego. I don’t care what your psychology teacher taught you about it. I’m speaking about the ego as the part of you that decides it is separate from the world and ought to have its fair share or else. Psychopath is what we call people who master this part of themselves and use it to their advantage.

As humans we simultaneously admire and despise this about ourselves. The reason we have a civilization is because people are able to do this. But beyond the ability to do what I just described, there is another step. And actually the reason why you and anyone else may be experiencing any dissatisfaction with life is because you have forgotten this step.

I’m not going to explain it just watch this video because it is as close as I can get right now

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