Power of the mind

I hear people say the mind is powerful but I always dismissed the idea that our minds could actually affect things outside our heads until a couple of recent fascinating experiences. My mind has always been something like a buzz saw protruding from my forehead, sometimes cutting so deeply through everything going on around me that I feel isolated. I can imagine there are many people who feel the same.

It seems pretty reasonable to me that our bodies generate electricity which is channeled up through the nervous system and mushrooms out through the brain. Wherever there is electricity there is a magnetic field. If you count the entire population of people on a planet as electric mind generators, we can capture and channel this activity through our technology to synchronize our brains together.

Memes represent simple ideas. The meme is a reflection designed to help your mind produce an idea. Infinite numbers of minds can synchronize around a few simple memes. The meme is not the idea. It is like a shadow of the idea. Same with any language. Language is not the idea. The idea is you. We temporarily embody ideas to create temporary reflections of ideas to help more people embody ideas.

We don’t even need to go to school or work or anything. We can just work together on a bunch of different stuff, identify problems and form groups based on the needs of our local and global communities. School/work can be important spots where people gather but they also don’t need to be.

The crazy part is we do not actually exist inside our bodies. We are the pure energy being channeled through our bodies. Our technology will evolve to the point of allowing us to exist in any form we want. With or without a body. We are light. Life is light.

I was a few months into my journey to Peru. I had been spending my days blasting 100+ posts into my blog each day. Sitting alone on the stool next to my Bose speaker with my hands on my computer I could feel the emotional echos of the world come tumbling through my consciousness. When I encountered most people in the world around me my mental activity was so loud and fast that I usually couldn’t understand them on an individual level.

I met a young couple in the kitchen at a house party on the beach. “He’s speaking in a secret language,” one of them said. They both looked at me like they were studying me. Of course I ate up the attention but withdrew from the party when the serious drinking began.

What we experience as space is penetrated by our consciousness. Our brains create this sphere of energy around which other minds flow. When you meet people and begin a conversation the energy combines in some way. Different combinations of people produce different types of energy. When we speak, were are simply producing air vibrations that help synchronize our thoughts. We like conversations that lead the group toward a shared sense of harmony. We use drugs like alcohol to dim the mind, eliminating perceived social barriers for a temporary emotional conclusion.

A few months later on a walk through Lima at a park in a beautiful area called San Borja. My mind was creating a big bubble again. I noticed the birds were singing a song that sounded like harmonic spirals tumbling over each other and beginning again. The song changed as I moved. In fact the song seemed to perfectly fit around the shape of the bubble created by my mind. As my thoughts moved, so did the tumbling harmonic spirals. It had almost a noise cancelling effect on my mind.

As I walked away from the center of the park the song got sad and slow, so I walked toward the center. The chirping got more excited and the harmonic spirals got bigger and more dramatic as I approached the bench facing the area of trees where most of the singing was coming from. I sat down. The spirals started tumbling wider and wider and they actually started changing keys. I even heard one of the birds struggle to catch its breath to hit a low note. The sound knocked tears out of my eyes. They were giving me some kind of message. The music was guiding or being guided by my mind. I couldn’t tell which. Nonetheless words and images were flashing through my mind. I can’t remember the whole thing but It was very important and it made perfect sense.

They were telling me a story about food. Animals as food. They made a point about fish, something about the origin of life being in the water. Something important about blood. It was all very intuitive and they were very polite. Definitely a presentation that should be made at the UN. Perhaps in the future we can use our technology to give animals the ability to use our language. We could incorporate their intelligence into the decisions we make.

The next few decades we are going to see our communication change so dramatically and unpredictably. Please take my anecdotes with a grain of salt but remember the mind is where we will forever exist regardless of what happens to our bodies.

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