Ref you OGs

Refugees get lots of attention today so I gave some thought to the issue.

When you grow up in a country you automatically get a birth certificate, addresses, identification, bank accounts, and other things with which the system of government use to define you and determine how valuable you are. When you’re a refugee you have none. So governments will automatically assess you as a nobody, a zero every time.

But the same is true for homelessness. Once you fall off the grid it’s much harder for the grid to reissue you your once easily begotten information. This is why countries must go away. Boo nobody likes you. Corporations don’t like you and people don’t like you, citizens and non-citizens alike.

We’ve all been stealing, committing treason and breaking laws behind your back anyway because you do such a lousy job.

Countries build too many weapons, fight over who has control over which resources and start wars over wedding dowries. No more countries. World government doesn’t need to make weapons to aim at itself. World government goes to space. Me like space.

One world system with one criteria for admission: be a human. Worldwide universal income tied to a facial recognition scan. Maybe we wouldn’t even issue the money. We just take stuff and the system records what we take and how much. Then if someone is taking a lot of extra we ask them what they’re using it for.

Machine operating lessons can be delivered via virtual reality tutorials and licenses for such equipment can be issued same day. The system won’t care what part of the world you’re from. In fact it already knows where you’ve been what you’ve been doing and who are your buddies from all the photos that have been taken of your face.

No privacy any more. And that’s a good thing. The system can help you be a better you because it knows you better than you.

So be a human. Show your face and get access instantly to all planet earth has to offer. Start making your experience today. Make it good. Earth thanks you for living your life to the fullest.