The Jesus story is a slowed down version of quantum teleportation

Just as Jesus had to battle his way through all the social bullshit on Earth to establish his reunion with the divine and be resurrected, so goes the story of the elements of life born in stars and the inner workings of our DNA.

Atomic particles moving at high speeds must also “battle” through a sea of conflicting physical laws before they fuse with one another. They bypass supposedly impenetrable forces by teleporting through and joining other particles.

This teleporting phenomenon is determined by the trajectory of the particle much like Jesus being resurrected after his social trajectory ran contrary to that of the dominant culture. Even though he was killed for being radically different, God recognized him as his one and only son setting an example for humanity to unite with the divine.

Whether or not you believe Jesus was actually resurrected is irrelevant. We repeat his name everywhere. So in this sense he is resurrected continously.

Whatever you are trying to do in this world if you maintain you purpose, follow your heart and treat everyone with divine kindness you will live on in the hearts and minds of beings far beyond your space and time. You will be one with the divine.

Peace and love