Memo To Clinton Loyalists — Don’t Blame James Comey
Michael Tracey

As it happens, I am a retired State Department employee who worked in law enforcement, and it’s pretty clear that had I handled classified material in the manner Hillary did, I would be in prison. The case should have been referred to a DOJ prosecutor and then presented to a federal grand jury. Ironically, Comey’s did initial backflip to ensure that didn’t happen as it would have happened for any other federal employee who held a Top Secret clearance. Why? Because he quite likely feared that had it been she would have been indicted.

The irony is that in trying to cover for her, Comey put himself in a very bad position when the new information came to light in October. Facing an FBI staff revolt for not following proper investgative procedure the first time around, he apparent had to sent the letter to avoid having his underlings blow the whistle by going to the press and congress — which would have been even worse for her than the letter. People forget, but before that incompetent hack Ken Starr ruined the special prosecutor concept by vastly overstepping his mandate on Whitewater, the whole concept existed to remove partisan political pressures from affecting just these types of investigations.

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