Whatever Happened To That “Surging Anti-Semitism” Narrative?
Michael Tracey

I made a comment on your original story suggesting that since we did not know the motives of the perpetrators(s), some of these incidents COULD even be false flag events, which is not quite how it played out but is pretty close. The other factor those in the media whipping up hysteria about these incidents totally ignored was that Trump himself has never been overtly anti-Semitic. Many conservative Republicans, in fact are hugely supportive of Israel because they believe that Jews need to occupy the holy lands in order for the Rapture to come.

One would think that having been repeatedly duped repeatedly, most people would stop paying attention to these people and they would eventually get fired for lack of ratings/readership. No such luck. I used to think American politics was a lot like high school in terms of the quality of its discourse, but in recent years it has descended to being more like kindergarten.

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