I sit at Startbucks, the calming brown and green hues surround me forming a cocoon of protection. Plugged. Connected. I stare blankly around me. All these individuals, their own lives, their own problems, their own ambitions, flaws, thoughts, worries. The thought hits me all at once, I am engulfed in my own world, so much so that I forgot the last time I spent just observing the world around me. Not judging those around me, I know I’ve done that way to often in the past few years, but just observing, watching, listening. The lady in front of me, for instance, diligently working. A book to her left. The bright illumination of her laptop on her right. She glances back and forth between the two, studying perhaps, or maybe transcribing. Large brown glasses rest on her face. Her vibrant hair is partly blond, and partly dyed pink, neatly tied in a bun, save for a single strand which she occasionally tucks back behind her ear. I can’t even really see her face, but I realize why my eyes drift towards these types of people, after all, it’s quite obvious. I am one of them. In my own little world, immersed in my writing, in my art, in my music, focusing on each aspect and tuning out the rest.

An older gentle man sits to my right, with a slight sadness in his eyes. He stare at a laptop that seems archaic for this day and age, though his Bose headphones and Apple Watch suggest an otherwise tech-savvy individual. A well polished bald head reflects the lights above, he too seems distant, entranced in his own little world. Much like me.

A woman to my right stares at her phone horizontally, perhaps watching a youtube clip. Her short wavy hair stop just shy of her shoulders. Adorned with a white formal coat, perfect manicured nails, and a feminine omega watch, she seems to be of business stature, or above. The faint smell of apricots reaches me, professional yet still youthful.

All these different people, living vastly different lives, yet brought together in this one coffee shop. Funny how we take these view for granted, never really stopping to analyze the people just a few meters from us, whether in a coffee shop, or train station, or mall, or wherever really.

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