They say there is no such thing as original thought and this is largely true.
Jeanette Winters-Hagar

Your metabolism lowering isn’t a bad thing. It will fluctuate to meet your caloric intake. Thermodynamics — energy in, energy out. Your body wont maintain a high energy expenditure if you’re eating a low amount of calories, and vice-versa. All evidence points towards a higher metabolism creating more oxidative stress and free radicals, while lower metabolisms and less energy expenditure tends to lead to a longer life.

Also, Ketogenic diets protect against free radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species) and is ENTIRELY different than any high protein diet and isn’t limiting like the Atkins diet. The high protein South Beach diet is a sure-fire way to speed up the aging process and disrupt the bodies ability to eliminate cancer cells.

“One of the primary problems with excess protein or amino acids is that it stimulates mTOR, which stimulates growth rather than regeneration. Fat calories did not stimulate mTOR, leptin or insulin. They were essentially metabolically free calories.”

Lastly, you assume it’s not sustainable and that people inevitably leave… Why? You can eat a ridiculous amount of amazing things and eventually your strong cravings for pizza, cookies and pasta dissipate.

I appreciate your lovely sentiment abount balance and love but just because it’s called the ketogenic diet doesn’t automatically lump it in a corner with other fad diets that have came and gone. Elite athletes are thriving on the diet, thousands of wildly obese people are losing hundreds of pounds, diabetics are reversing and eliminating their disorder, and many are reporting balanced energy levels, clearer thinking, and better overall well-being when their insulin is stable.

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