So, I am working on this communications plan for my company. Internal communications, to be more accurate. I find myself looking for inspiration everywhere, and I google everuthing.

soon enough, I find so much movement, noise and colors in the web, but then I realise they are not on the web, they are surrounding me, in the real world. People are movilizing, people are proposing, innovating… Somehow, I suddenly feel a little ashamed of myself, because I have always considered myself a good, caring person and I realise that I haven’t done much for others, for a change, for me.

Ironically, while I am writting this, my Spotify is reproducing “Empty words” by Tulpä/Viola Ellis.

Doing something is not difficult , but knowing what I wanna do, what I am are passionate enough to fight for unconditionally… That is hard. HARD.

I am determinate to have a meaningful, selfless life. I am still looking for inspiration.

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