Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President
Hank Green

Thank you for taking the opportunity

I see the U.S.A. from my point of view here from europe and what i see in the political world is terrifying. I have to salute you to ask critical questions but as a european i would have asked about Guantanamo and the torture report. I have to agree with you that your media doesn’t reach out to the young generation anymore. In europe the TV News like Fox News are wide mocked here for stupidity, lying and false statements. I personally enjoy the Daily Show every now and then. I like the show its really funny to watch and sad when i hear the stories. I believe that the U.S.A is a failed state because of the news about corrupted politicans, judges who rule in favor of the economie and companys without morals. You reach out to much more people than other news sources could so please talk about whats going wrong. If i would be a countryman of the U.S.A. i couldn’t see in the face of all the people who are after a long and painful torture being esteemed as innocent and still in custody. The example of Murat Kurnaz shows that innocent people are held and tortured for the sake of…..WHAT???

There are question which need answers. The torture report is the proof that there is no justice anymore. I end this text with a qote from the fictional character The Death from a book of the author Terry Pratchett: “There is no justice, there is only me”.

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