INTRODUCING: Custom Stickers for Snapchat

Are custom stickers Snapchats next big thing?

Geofilters are awesome, but they do have limited possibilities, and branded lenses, although pretty awesome, are still too expensive. But what if there was something in the middle?

Imagine the possibilities with custom stickers: Branded stickers, limited to geolocation and time — just like custom geofilters but better!

I don’t know about you, but I already have several campaigns on my mind.

Just imagine branded Ray Ban glasses as a sticker, McDonald’s coffee and don’t get me started with events. Wedding flowers with the name of couple, birthday cake with name and years, tickets for the festival that could be used as a contest of some kind…

Lets just hope Snapchat likes my idea and adds this feature. Considering that they are starting to monetize the platform, why not make brands (and marketers) happy :)

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