The Life Of a Giver

As humans, we all must understand one fundamental concept and it is that “It gives us immeasurable strength to LIVE for someone”. Now, this statement stirs a series of questions within us. But what it simply teaches us, is that live a life where you root for others. Other’s victories, successes, achievements and accomplishments. A life where acts of kindness, generosity and selflessness come as a natural attribute rather than an acquired trait. Now, you may also question my motive behind all of this, but that’s where we falter. There is NO motive! No intention of creating a facade for the world to accept you for some false qualities that do not define you rather than actually inhibiting the true characteristics of someone you’d hold as a true example of a giver.

Acts of selfless giving culminates when expectations of returns are lowered or in some cases, nil. A undying want to reap rewards and seeking self- advantage in life can only take us so far. But we as humans are conditioned to create an environment where things work out to the best of our interests.

Let’s try understanding one simple concept here. We as human beings, in our most primal form are Social Animals, and ultimately we all just want to be excepted and liked by the society we live in. Now wouldn’t that just become a lot more easier if we were recognised on the basis of what we did for others and what opinion the building blocks of the society truly held for us? There, that in itself is the greatest reward one could ask for. The reward of being identified, accepted and acknowledged by our very own peers.

In today’s connected world, relationships are more transparent and reputations more visible. Therefore, givers unintentionally create a goodwill for themselves, making them more desirable than others in the market. Givers also enables others to gain trust in them through their genuine and heartfelt acts of generosity. They aim at Adding Values instead of Trading Values, which makes them sought after. And in most situations they create opportunities for giving.

Thus, givers are the one’s who chose to make self sacrificing decisions by putting the needs of others before them, but eventually benefiting in more than one way.

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