The secret was non-intense visualization..

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It was a cloudy morning with all the possibilities of a huge downpour in Mumbai, I guess sometime in July 2017.

Around 7:45am, as usual I was setting my podcast in the phone and at the same time getting ready to launch myself into the crowded Mumbai local trains.

Since 2016 I have been listening to 4 of my favorite podcasts each, come rain or shine.

  1. John Lee Dumas — EO fire
  2. Andrew Werner — Mixergy
  3. the $100MBA show by Omar Zehnom and
  4. The Side Hustle School by Chris GUILLEBEAU!!

I always wondered what does it take to get featured and interviewed by these online legends. …

Side Hustles

I run India’s largest women-only back office..

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Side consulting business is a trend that won’t fade away despite it’s fierce competition to a monotonous 9 to 5 job and thus patches the cliche by birth in a woman’s armor.

From increasing worth of a company, advising for better reach, enhancing collaboration, to decreasing client burnout, and inspiring with darn dedication; women have certainly nailed every workplace with due perfection.

History has witnessed such valuable women now and then, and it’s well-versed documented.

Despite the immense pressure of omitting the gender gap with an increase in GDP by an estimated average of 35%, women have outperformed in men-dominant fields. Although, after a steep rise in career, women face dangers gaping from the future including maternity leaves or getting involved in family dramas. …

Sales Rants

# 2 Save time and hit your numbers faster

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Success is nothing but access. Access to people, opportunities and knowledge

How to generate leads using email extractors.

You could be a freelancer or a sales rep or a side hustler, you will need to generate leads to make a living.

One of the things that is still relevant is an email id–it has withstood the test of time, social media and zillions of other communication forms.

I love anything that does the job and saves me time for my side hustle.

Email extractors have turned out to be one of the ‘come in handy’ software for marketers; it helps businesses in extracting email addresses and contacts from the wave of prospects. …

Sales Rants

Let COVID 19 be not a perpetual excuse

If eighty percent of your sales come from twenty percent of all of your items, just carry those twenty percent. Henry Kissinger

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Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash

Every business owner, sales guy, retailers, small business owners, large enterprises in each part of the world is busy either drawing up strategies or picking up the remains from this carnage.

In India, its a long battle ahead, looking at the COVID numbers but there are those green sprouts of revival in the economy, at least that’s what our media tells us.

Unfortunately, I have seen it all in my own company — business shutdown, job losses, salary cuts, and corona infections. …

Side Hustling

It’s not always the tools, its the mechanic who does the magic with them

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Paul works at a start-up for the past four years, it’s only months ago when he woke up on a bright, sunny day to know that he’s thrown out of his job, because of the pandemic. I know this Paul is one of you, tormenting yourself on your ill fate for days, and finally coming up with the idea of not sticking up for ‘One’ job or one source of income this time. You can deliberately start looking out for ideas on how to start a side business and become familiar to infinite ideas. …

Side hustles

And 2 bonus mental blocks

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Side income streams have become a must for survival and for greater authority building.

If you are holding down a day job, great, don’t quit it yet.

If you don’t like your job and want to create an additional source of income, create it on the side. Retain your hated job.

You could have your own reasons to create side hustles but why haven’t you started yet?

We all go through major mental block or “enemies within” before we take that decision.

1. What will people think of me

These are the same people who will disappear when you lose your job or have a crisis in hand. …

My rants

But I learn a lot and earn kilos of goodwill on Medium

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Medium won’t pay Indian writers because Stripe doesn’t support India but Medium will take Indian members’ money because they have all the payment options supported.

Does it make sense?

I don’t want to fight Medium over this and also I don’t want to find a hack to get some friend’s Stripe account to circumvent this situation.

Been a fan of Medium for the last 4 years and I finally bought the paid subscription some months back.

Medium is like being locked inside a room filled with the best and brilliant minds.

Learnt a lot about writing from Tim Denning Sean Kernan Michael Leonard. …

Side hustles

# 3 is the most powerful reason to start

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2 decisions will always remain with us 1. The day we made it and 2. The day we decided to make it.

The powerful motivators are the ones that shake you from your slumber and comforts to start a new life.

It’s exactly like giving birth after the most excruciating labor pain.

In India, we are so brought up in the classical “job-trap-system” where we study for 22 years minimum, start applying for jobs which have no connection to our education and then wait for the benevolent master to pick us up for a job.

My side income drive

I started my side income journey in 2016 when I moved from Bangalore to Mumbai–city of hustlers and dreamers. …

How I made it

You can’t ignore affiliate marketing yet

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Debidutta Mohanty

Online Earning through Blogging

This is an inspirational blog by my good old friend of 22 years and the mother of two naughty kids, Debidutta Mohanty. She has been blogging since the last couple of years and her efforts are now yielding fruits — she has started making money off writing and blogging with the kids at her heels.

You can find her blog womb2cradlenbeyond here

Here is Debi’s journey of a mom blogger.

I started my blogging journey when I was in the middle of handling twin infants all by myself. Doing all the chores involved right from feeding alternately every two hours to changing nappies to rocking them to sleep etc the list can go on and on. Being a corporate lass, always had the desire to have more in my plate, that gave me adrenaline kick. In spite of being a busy mom, I still felt that emptiness . Being just a mom, wife, daughter or daughter-in-law was not enough for me. …

Create side hustles

7 steps to achieve a respectable side income

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all designed by me at

7 steps to start a consulting business in side

You have stayed in your field long enough to be called ‘the expert’.

You have given it a deep thought. And you are longing for something more than the perks at work.

If you have the passion and drive for excellence, then now is the right time to start a consulting business on the side.

Think about the flexibility, scalability, working on your own terms and networking as some of the benefits that come with consulting. It is definitely a worthy proposition.

Here are 7 steps to kick-start the side business -

Step 1. Identify your core strengths

Are you updated with the latest industry trends? Are you organized and like working in teams? Does networking and problem-solving come naturally to you? If you answered yes, you are ready to dive into consulting. Remember, your strengths can bring the most value to your business. …


Karmeish Ghosh

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