Kerry seems to be the only one with America in mind here. Even Obama falls short on his handling of what he knew. He should have allowed the bipartisan committee. So Russia’s plan to discredit or HELP Trump get elected is now a fact on record with all intelligence communities. CIA first to notice. Stricter sanctions should have been approved. Then Obama cyberattacks Putin. Shoulda done sooner if this is what your planning. Then Trump wants to lift these sanctions, still won’t bring himself to care about the facts and deal with Putin. Doesn’t look good for him. He should say screw it we were hacked it’s a truth we cannot deny but regardless I am President and I will not stand for Putin’s interference…. imposing more sanctions and countermeasures to safe guard our democracy… I would respect something like that. But I doubt he’ll get it and continue to hang himself with his Russian allies. So… our “elected” officials have been too lax in their political agenda to even see the affects it has had on We the People! At least we had a surplus under Clinton… that’s about all I can take away from any previous presidency. Ugh!

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